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It would definitely help to see a screen dump, as I have been playing around
with all different kinds of fields in Windows and I don't see any problems
or remnants. As Shao mentioned, although Rev has four different tools to
create fields (Field, Scrolling Field, List Field, Scrolling List Field),
all of them really use the basic Field object and have certain settings
turned on or off.

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> > Could you give us a better example of what you mena by "scrolling up"
with a
> > label field? I don't quite understand. Is the field a scrolling field?
> > so, it wouldn't be a label field) If not, does the *window* scroll via a
> > scrollable group?  As you can see, I don't quite understand your
> Ken,
> I do use the Label Field and in the properties of this field I have the
> vertical scrollbar tickbox enabled (this tickbox is in the last tab of the
> properties window).
> However just to be sure I also used the Scrolling field. This gave the
> result.
> Whenever I push the scroll up on the vertical scrollbar the text gets
> up. When after this I push the scroll down on the vertical scrollbar
> everything is back to the original (correct) situation again.
> Your question made me wonder why I have so many choices in different
> "textfields" (Label field, Scroll field, Field)? With the properties
> I (apparantly) can give them similar properties.
> If neccesary I could send you a jpeg of a screendump of the problem.
> Regards,
> Eric.
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