Developing a multimedia application with Revolution...

Sjoerd Op 't Land sjoerdoptland at
Mon Aug 5 16:26:00 EDT 2002

Peter Lundh wrote/ schreef:

> The content of the application is (1) a short tutorial on a medical disease,
> it¹s symptoms and possible ways to treat it followed by (2) three short
> exercises where the user can train, or test his skills. Each exercise will
> consist of a series images where the viewer will be asked to diagnose each
> image. A score will be given after each exercise is completed. The
> application will only contain still images and text (and maybe a couple of
> sound effects).
This is possible with RunRev. I'd build it up like this:

- couple of cards with the tutorial pages (next/prev buttons in the
- exercises on each card (script for checking the answers in the background)

More questions? Feel free to pose them (just don't have much time yet).

> -Peter
Regards, / Groeten,

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