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Roger.E.Eller at sealedair.com Roger.E.Eller at sealedair.com
Mon Aug 5 13:03:01 EDT 2002


Has anyone looked into this problem yet. The text is really hard to see in
the on-line documentation on our unix machine.
Can you add the ability for the USER to pick a preferred point size?

~Roger Eller
roger.e.eller at sealedair.com

Roger E Eller
07/28/2002 06:57 PM

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Unlike on Macs, our unix systems don't try to keep the actual viewable text
size the same (so the user only sees it get sharper, but not smaller) when
the screen is set to a higher resolution. I would suggest that the default
point-size be dependent on the display resolution (screenRect) for unix.
This way, those whom use hi-res monitors would not see microscopic text.
Thanks for responding.

~Roger Eller
roger.e.eller at sealedair.com

"Jeanne A. E. DeVoto" <jeanne at runrev.com>@lists.runrev.com on 07/28/2002
02:14:29 AM

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At 3:27 PM -0700 7/24/2002, Roger.E.Eller at sealedair.com wrote:
>Is it possible to increase the point-size of the text used in the on-line
>help? On an SGI Irix machine, it is too small to be readable even with
>20/20 vision.

It ought to be 12-point Helvetica, the same as the font used in the Rev
interface. Does it look like it's not that font, or is the Helvetica 12
just too small on your setup?

Any other Unix users seeing similar problems?

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto ~ jeanne at runrev.com
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