modal command - and subsequent dialog placement.

Klaus Major k_major at
Mon Aug 5 11:14:01 EDT 2002

HI Phil,

> Hi folks,
> I'm developing a system which needs to pop up the equivalent of a modal 
> dialog box that contains a QuickTime movie - in the form of a guide who 
> tells you what to do next. Originally I tried a simple stack window 
> with minimal ornaments, but  found that users could click while the 
> movie was playing and do silly stuff like get the movie window to move 
> into the background, or their clicks were buffered and passed on later 
> (even though I've used flushevents etc.). Using modal seems like the 
> ideal solution, except it puts the window in the centre of the screen, 
> when I want it top-left (otherwise the guide gets in the way of what 
> she's describing). I can move the window myself, but only once it's up, 
> and even setting lockscreen to true doesn't stop it appearing in the 
> centre, before it repositions itself. Can anyone think of a solution to 
> this? I've got a couple more situations where it seems to me modal 
> dialogs are the answer, but I don't want them to be centred either. Is 
> there by any chance some undocumented parameter to modal that allows 
> you to say where the window ought to go? Anyone know where the code to 
> modal is stored - maybe I can make my own version of it?
> -- Phil Jimmieson

put this into the script of your "modal"-stack(s):

on preopenstack
   set the topleft of me to 0,24
## will put this stack on the left side of the screen
## and 24 pixel from the top of the screen BEFORE it is opened
## You can take other values, of course, if needed
end preopenstack

that's all..

works here, should work for you, too :-)


Klaus Major
k_major at

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