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Yves Coppé yvescoppe at
Sun Aug 4 07:44:01 EDT 2002


I work on Mac OS X 10.1.5.
I have forms to fill.
All the datas are in flds.
I have a card in a stack "mi_print".
The background is white
the flds are filled.
I have a btn with the script :

(mi_lock is the command to lock the screen, the messages,...)

   put the defaultstack into savedDefaultStack
   go inv to stack "mi_print"
   set the defaultstack to "mi_print"
   set the printScale to "1"
   set the printmargins to "4,4,72,72"
   open printing with dialog
   print card "cdName"
   close printing
   close stack "mi_print"
   set the printmargins to "72,72,72,72"

   set the defaultstack to savedDefaultStack

The background of what I print is colored (between grey and green)
although on the screen the background of the cd is white.
The pinter is an epson color inkjet.

2 questions :

1) How can I print a form starting from a stack ?
2) How can I easy calculate the location of the flds so that the 
filled flds are just printed in the required place on the form ?

Thank you.


Email : yvescoppe at

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