print problem

John Cuccio jcuccio at
Sun Aug 4 22:12:00 EDT 2002

Not sure about the color Question. Try this for question 2

Have a big field that looks like your form or load a simple text document
into a field. In the form use <name> where you want the data.  Use the
replacetext function to put the data you want from fields. Then use the
revprintfield function.

This might be easier then trying to print the card.

Hope this helps


Name: <Name>
Phone: <Phone>
Date: <date>


on script
    replacetext (field "Print","<name>",field "name")
    replacetext (field "print","<phone>",field "phone")
    revprintfield ("field"&&"print")
end script

>2 questions :

>1) How can I print a form starting from a stack ?
>2) How can I easy calculate the location of the flds so that the
>filled flds are just printed in the required place on the form ?

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