Problem with revShowPrintDialog

Howard Bornstein bornstein at
Sun Aug 4 01:07:01 EDT 2002

There seems to be several problems associated with the revShowPrintDialog 
command (at least in Mac OS 9).

If you set both parameters to false, instead of simply printing, both the 
page setup and print dialog are shown (just as if you had set the 
parameters to true). Secondarily, if you cancel out of the print, a blank 
page is printed anyway. 

For example, I put this script in a button on a stack with a single field 
in it (printfield):

on mouseup
  revShowPrintDialog false,false 
  revprintField  ("field" && quote & "printfield" & quote)
end mouseup

After clicking the button, both page setup and print dialog boxes are 
shown. When I click cancel, a blank page is always printed.

However, if I execute a revShowPrintDialog outside of the handler once 
with the params set to false, then clicking the button acts as expected.

So if I put this openstack handler in the stack:

on openstack
  revShowPrintDialog false,false
end openstack

After opening the stack the above button script works properly.

While the docs say:

"If you use the revShowPrintDialog command outside a handler where a 
revPrintField or revPrintText command is executed, the revShowPrintDialog 
command has no effect. The command sets printing options only for the 
currently executing handler."

on my system this is not true.

Howard Bornstein
D E S I G N  E Q

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