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Ken Ray kray at
Thu Aug 1 16:54:01 EDT 2002


> This process doesn't seem to work quite the way that we need it to.  The
> standalone seems to receive appleEvents while it is actually running
> a problem.  However, what we're trying to do is check an appleEvent that
> used to launch the standalone.  2X-clicking a document file launches the
> standalone but the "on appleEvent" handler never gets triggered in the
> process and subsequently the standalone then prompts the user for a
> document.

That's shouldn't happen. As long as the creator of the stack files is the
same creator as the app, it should work. I created in MC 2.4.2 (which should
work the same as Rev) a brand new stack which had only this code:

on appleEvent eClass,eId,eSender
  answer "Class = " & eClass
  answer "ID = " & eID
  answer "Sender = " & eSender
  request appleEvent data
  answer "Data = " & it
  pass appleEvent
end appleEvent

I then made sure to move the Answer dialog to my stack so I could see
results. (Critical step! :-) I then created a standalone with a creator of
"TEST". Next, I opened a new stack and saved it immediately under then name
"Dummy" and set the stackFileType to "TESTMSTK" and saved it.

Then I dragged the Dummy stack on top of the Test application. It ran and
answered this:

Class = aevt
ID = odoc
Sender = *::MacOS
Data = /Enterprise/Desktop Folder/Dummy

Same thing happened when I double-clicked Dummy.

Can you try something like this and see what you get?

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