Help with setRegistry?

Eric Rivers erivers at
Thu Aug 1 16:23:01 EDT 2002


> On the Mac, your app will get apple events (specifically the "odoc"
> from which you can extract the file path (this is from Ben Rubenstein from
> an old post last year - thanks, Ben!):
> > To do this on the Mac, your stack needs to handle the
> > "appleEvent" message.
> >


This process doesn't seem to work quite the way that we need it to.  The
standalone seems to receive appleEvents while it is actually running without
a problem.  However, what we're trying to do is check an appleEvent that is
used to launch the standalone.  2X-clicking a document file launches the
standalone but the "on appleEvent" handler never gets triggered in the
process and subsequently the standalone then prompts the user for a

It might be important to mention that document files are simply stack files
that have an assortment of custom properties set and have had their
stackFileType set to work with the creator code of the standalone prior to
being saved as files.  The custom properties of the document files are read
by the standalaone and stored in variables that are used throughout the
standalone's runtime.  If the standalone doesn't recognize that it was
opened via a document then it has to prompt the user to select a document or
it simply can't run.

Am I in fact trying to read an appleEvent that has already passed by the
boards by the time the standalone is actually up and running?  Is there an
easier way (or at least a more successful one) to accomplish this through
file types and creator codes?


Eric Rivers

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