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Fri Nov 30 23:42:00 EST 2001

On Friday, November 30, 2001, at 03:51 PM, Bill Vlahos wrote:

I want to receive information coming in via a serial connection and 
capture for processing in Rev. When I use a terminal application (ZTerm) 
the info comes across as plain text so it looks



    I asked a similar question on the list quite some time ago and did 
not receive a reply.  In my case the only application I currently need 
to write requires the serial port.  From what I can gather the only 
platform with serial port support is Windows.  Macs have not had a 
"printer" port in a very long time and the "modem" port is taken by the 
modem.  Despite this I could not pass up the HyperCard cross grade offer 
and took the plunge.  If you need access to serial ports and are looking 
for a nice development environment you might try RealBasic.  I have used 
it extensively for control applications that use the serial port (pretty 
much all I do when it come to programming). It works very well, has a 
nice development environment, and good documentation including third 
party books.  I really wish serial port support was added for both the 
Mac and Linux.  I would like to try RR for something serious (I am just 
playing now).

Good luck,
John Miskimins

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