[Use-revolution] Re: MouseEnter MouseLeave on a Line

Kevin Miller kevin at runrev.com
Wed Nov 28 12:34:04 EST 2001

On 25/11/01 10:59 am, Matt Denton <matt.denton at limelight.com.au> wrote:

> I'm trying to get a graphic of a dot to show on a line for resizing and
> dragging.   I'm using the 'mouseEnter' and 'mouseLeave' messages to show
> and hide the dot respectively.  It works if you roll into the line from
> the bottom of the line (at 45 degrees angle in Cartesian co-ords) but
> the mouseLeave message is incorrectly send from the top to the left of
> the line.  It seems as if the line is forming an invisible triangle --
> not exactly the size of the bounding rect -- and sending mouseLeave once
> the cursor leaves the invisible shape.  The line is two pixels wide.
> May be an OSX scaling/size issue, found some of the controls to also be
> out of register.
> Any clues?
> I'm on 10.1.1 and Rev 1.1

Please send me an example stack with the problem off list so I can take a
look at it here.



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