[Use-revolution] MouseEnter MouseLeave on a Line

Matt Denton matt.denton at limelight.com.au
Sun Nov 25 07:03:01 EST 2001

Dear List,

I'm trying to get a graphic of a dot to show on a line for resizing and 
dragging.   I'm using the 'mouseEnter' and 'mouseLeave' messages to show 
and hide the dot respectively.  It works if you roll into the line from 
the bottom of the line (at 45 degrees angle in Cartesian co-ords) but 
the mouseLeave message is incorrectly send from the top to the left of 
the line.  It seems as if the line is forming an invisible triangle -- 
not exactly the size of the bounding rect -- and sending mouseLeave once 
the cursor leaves the invisible shape.  The line is two pixels wide.  
May be an OSX scaling/size issue, found some of the controls to also be 
out of register.

Any clues?

I'm on 10.1.1 and Rev 1.1


M at tt

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