[Use-revolution] Dead rev stack

John Cuccio jcuccio at pacbell.net
Fri Nov 23 15:05:01 EST 2001

This week has been a rev night mare.

I have a stack with a substack. When I open the substack I get the unknow
error messagge.I go to the stack prperties, window open fine. Now press the
script tab, the square window show , that has the acutal error, but then
goes away so I can not see what the error is. Then a messagge commes up,
witth the stop hand, An unknown error occured. It is possible that a
property cannot be set to a value you have enteredl. I press the OK button.
Same message again I press OK. Then the Stack Properties window is showing.
So I go to click the script tab again same thing. It just keep repeating and
I can not get any Thing to open.

If I do not open the substack every things works fine. The Sub stack is
doing something, but I can not fix it.

Is there a way to get the scripts out of that stack so that I can load them
into a new stack. So I can figure out what is going on.

This stack was writen in rev 1.0 Same problem in rev 1.1 and different Mac

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