[Use-revolution] Re: Features I like, and features I wish for

Jacqueline Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Thu Nov 22 17:33:01 EST 2001

At 2:15 PM -0800 11/18/2001, Shari wrote:
>Once I created a menu (menubar type menu), now I have to click on the
>Toolbox or Application Overview to have the full set of development
>menus.  Otherwise, when I'm in the stack, the only menus up there are
>the ones I created.  I wish that weren't so.  Once I release it,
>obviously I want only my menus up there, but during development I
>want both sets of menus.

One thing I do sometimes is set the editMenus of the stack to true. On a
Mac, that puts the menu bar into the stack window (the way it will be on
a Windows machine.) You can see both sets of menus that way, and pull
down items from either. It also shows you how the stack will look to
Windows users.

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