[Use-revolution] Re: revolution Memory allocation Mac

andu undo at cloud9.net
Wed Nov 21 13:05:35 EST 2001

Geoff Canyon wrote:
> At 10:47 PM +1100 11/21/01, Ian Bridges wrote:
> >How is it that Revolution can grab more memory than I allocate to it through
> >the get info box? This contradicts how every mac application I have ever
> >seen behaves.
> I just checked -- Eudora and iCab both do this. I believe Internet Explorer does too.

A smart application should take as much memory as it needs when it needs
it, not as much as the user thinks it needs, the condition being that it
will release all memory it doesn't use.
The reason Rev needs 43MB just to start has to do with all those
colorful goodies it loads into memory. Metacard only needs 14MB to start
but it's not considered as a "user friendly" application; there's a
price for being spoiled.

> >The flip side of this is, if it is possible for Mac applications to
> >dynamically allocate themselves more Ram as they need it (like Rev seems
> >to), why don't more do it?
> Most applications know fairly well how much memory they'll need. Others have more variable requirements.
> You'll find that the development environment takes a lot of memory. Your finished application will likely need much less. I've built standalones that ran happily in 4MB.
> regards,
> Geoff


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