[Use-revolution] Re: revolution Memory allocation Mac

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at inspiredlogic.com
Wed Nov 21 11:37:58 EST 2001

At 10:47 PM +1100 11/21/01, Ian Bridges wrote:
>How is it that Revolution can grab more memory than I allocate to it through
>the get info box? This contradicts how every mac application I have ever
>seen behaves. 

I just checked -- Eudora and iCab both do this. I believe Internet Explorer does too.

>The flip side of this is, if it is possible for Mac applications to
>dynamically allocate themselves more Ram as they need it (like Rev seems
>to), why don't more do it?

Most applications know fairly well how much memory they'll need. Others have more variable requirements.

You'll find that the development environment takes a lot of memory. Your finished application will likely need much less. I've built standalones that ran happily in 4MB.



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