Scrollable cards?

David Beck dgbeck at
Tue Dec 18 06:59:01 EST 2001

Hi. I would like to implement a word-processing-like interface for one of my
stacks. Since a printable page is bigger than most monitors, I have been
looking for a way to scroll an entire card or at least give the illusion of
doing so to mimic the standard word processing interface. Simply putting the
text in a scrollable field is not an option because the documents have a
header and pages are divided into two columns (the text must be stored in
multiple fields). Moveover, when the user is done editing the document, he
should be able to print it. The two options I have considered are: (1)
Putting the fields into a scrollable group. This seems as though it should
work well except when printing. Is there a way to print the entire area of a
scrollable group in one shot, as opposed to just the currently visible area?
I also considered (2) Scripting a scroll bar to control the location of all
fields in the card to give the illusion of a scrolling document. When
printing, the scrollbar could be hidden and the card size could be expanded
to contain all the fields (expanded to the former "scrollable" area), and
the entire document would then in theory be printed. My questions are: 1) Is
there a way to make method (1) work with printing, as I think this would be
bar far the easier route to take, and if not 2) Does method (2) sound like a
viable alternative? Anybody have a better idea? Thanks in advance for any


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