Japanese on Revolution

Dave Cragg dcragg at lacscentre.co.uk
Fri Dec 7 16:10:02 EST 2001

At 10:48 am -0800 7/12/01, Scott Rossi wrote:
>Recently, rbarber66 at earthlink.net wrote:
>>  Is anyone using Japanese text in a Revolution application? I am aware of the
>>  limitations with 16bit fonts but perhaps there is someone using a workaround
>>  that may be suitable.
>What workaround are you looking for?
>If you're talking about *display* of fonts, REV should work just fine as
>long as the appropriate fonts and support are available on the user's
>system.  MacOS requires the Japanese language kit, while Windows needs
>either system level support or a third party enhancement such as those
>available from TwinBridge systems (http://www.twinbridge.com/).
>I've built a MetaCard application that displays text in 5 languages, with
>two of them being double byte Chinese.  The only limitation I found was that
>text needs to be broken manually -- MC wraps lines based on spaces between
>words.  Maybe MC/REV will come up with a fix to wrap by character at some

In addition to the wrapping issue, you'll have to watch for the 
mac/iso conversions that Rev automatically does in fields when 
changing between Mac and Windows. Japanese text that is Shift-JIS 
coded, for example, is the same on Mac and Windows. But Rev will try 
to convert when you switch platforms. One way round this is to keep 
the text in a custom property and load it into a field when needed, 
on openCard for example.

Dave Cragg

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