Tutorial for Livecode Server log in system

pere xavier Rossello pxrossello at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 07:45:38 EDT 2024


To make online log in is quit easy in livecode.
first you need a webpage with a form asking username, email and password )
and submit to a livecode script
 <form id="idlogin" name="login" action="rlogin.lc" method="get"
              <input  type="text" id="signup" name="login"
placeholder="Usuario" required>
              <input  type="password" name="pass" placeholder="Password"
             <button  type="submit">Log in</button>
--- method can be to types get or post - normally  I use Get
this will send username and pass to tloging.lc script

and the livecode code script
put $_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"]  into gMetodo
if gMetodo = "POST" then
put  $_POST["login"]  into gUsr
put  $_POST["pass"]  into gPass
put  $_POST["tipo"]  into gTipo

put  $_GET["login"]  into gUsr
put  $_GET["pass"]  into gPass
put  $_GET["tipo"]  into gTipo
end if
if gPass = "print" and gUsr = "print" then
put "<script>"
put "window.location='impr_pend.lc?t=impresion';"
put "</script>"
end if
if len(gUsr)<2  or len(gPass)<2 then

put "<script>"
put "window.location='index.html?_e=Error_sin_login';"
put "</script>"
end if
put revOpenDatabase ("mysql",
"localhost:3363","reparacion","gsmmax","11*Endimion_grd") into gDbId

--put revdb_execute(gDbId, tSQL, "") into  tResultado
put "select pass,id,token from tecnicos where login='" & gUsr & "';" into
put tSQL & "<br>"
put revDataFromQuery(tab, return, gDbID, tSQL) into tRes

set itemdelimiter to tab
put item 1 of tRes into tPass
put item 2 of tRes into tCod
put item 3 of tRes into tToken

El mar, 26 mar 2024 a las 6:15, Tim Selander via use-livecode (<
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> Hi all.
> As a hobbiest/amateur I continue to plunk away with Livecode, mostly the
> server product in my on-rev account.
> Can anyone point me to a tutorial or sample of an online log in system
> (username, email and password) for a website using Livecode?
> I've found some php tutorials, and /think/ I could glean enough hints to
> roll my own in LC server, but would greatly prefer to start with LC itself!
> Any help appreciated!
> Tim Selander
> Japan
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