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Thank you for the reply.  I don’t think suspend and resume are going to help… If the app is playing music (in the foreground or the background) and the user brings up the list of running apps and swipes up to remove it, how can I trap that the app is being closed and stop playing music?


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On 8/31/23 5:36 PM, Dan Friedman via use-livecode wrote:
> Does the shutdown message (or shutdownRequest message) work on Android?   I am playing a song using androidStartAudioPlayingInBackground.   However, if the app is closed (swiping up to exit it), then the audio continues to play.  So, I added an androidStopAudioPlayingInBackground command in the shutdown message to stop playing the audio.  But doesn’t seem to work – audio continues to play.
> Any thoughts?

Mark Smith reminded me that the suspend and resume messages are now supported on mobile
platforms. That might do it.

My old brain forgot about that.

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