Pasting text and images together?

David Epstein dfe4 at
Sat Sep 2 10:36:48 EDT 2023

Many thanks to Paul Dupuis and Mark Waddingham.  The script below tries to
test their suggestions.  Using 10.0.0 dp5 on an Intel Mac, and watching
execution after the breakpoint, I get errors at each "try" in the script.
So it does not seem that I can write the fullClipboardData
or rawClipboardData to an array variable; and it does not seem that I can
access any element of the rawClipboardData array.  Further advice is

Best wishes,
David Epstein

*on* a2

*lock* clipboard

*put* the keys of the clipboardData into myK1

*put* the keys of the fullClipboardData into myK2

*put* the keys of the rawClipboardData into myK3



*put* the fullClipboardData into ta2

*catch* myError

*put* myError into e2

*end* *try*


*put* the rawClipboardData into ta3

*catch* myError

*put* myError into e3

*end* *try*

*put* 1 into n

*repeat* for each line k in myK3


*put* the rawClipboardData[k] into temp[n]

*catch* myError

*put* myError into e4[n]

*end* *try*

*add* 1 to n

*end* *repeat*

*unlock* clipboard

*end* a2

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