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Thu May 25 11:04:59 EDT 2023

I create datagrids with some properties that help me with database queries. For instance one property is the name of the table I source for the data. So I came up with the idea of popping up a menu when I right click on a datagrid, where I can select a column from the table, and then wherever I click next, it will create a field and label in a group, all named after the column wherever I click next. The fields I produce also have a property for the column name, so when I populate a form, I provide an array of the datagrid data to the handler which iterates through all the fields looking for that property, and fills the fields with data from that array. 

So while creating forms is tedious, it can be made a good deal less tedious by doing some coding on the front end. 

Bob S

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Hi Mike, 

Not that I’m aware of. Apart from Richard’s utility, the only other way I’ve seen used is dragging items from the tools palette. Not a terrible process as no-code is involved in doing so (so you don’t have frustrations with syntax to deal with), but as Jacque points out, if you have a lot of this to do, it can get tedious. 


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> didn't the old db library (which is still included with LC, and still 
> gets built into every standalone, whether you choose to include it or
> not) have the ability to build forms from db's?

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