Latest video -- integration of AI into script editor

Steven Crighton steven.crighton at
Wed May 17 07:59:23 EDT 2023

Hi Mark

I’m really pleased to hear you enjoyed the video. What I would say is our testing so far has been extremely impressive, it was the inspiration to make that video. But you’re right, AI won’t get the script right every time and we have to handle that carefully. If the script that comes back won’t compile then Xavvi will intervene to make sure you are not actually accepting code that won’t run. However there may be instances where it supplies code that does compile but is still not what you hoped for, in the first instance we are providing an opt in to training feature where you can provide a thumbs up or thumbs down to the code you have been supplied as well as give a description on what was good or bad about it. Additionally there will always be options to accept or decline the result and try again with a slightly tweaked prompt. I hope this helps. 

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