Looking for recent, complete Google OAuth2 example

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue May 16 16:18:50 EDT 2023

Anyone know of a good and *recent* example of using Monte's great OAuth2 
lib with Google's API?

I'm updating some stuff and have found that after the Big G changed 
their API in March my stuff needs revision. But the vastness of their 
docs have me poking around when I'm sure it's not a hard thing once I 
find the right example (sorta like the LC Dict: great when you already 
know what you're looking for <g>).

Side question:

tsNet is a well-crafted wrapper around the industry-standard cURL. 
Fabo.  But unless I've missed something, for all the great ways Charles 
has meticulously made scripting interfaces for cURL functionality, 
there's one thing I can't find documentation for: cURL's own syntax.

Does tsNet support cURL syntax directly, or must we convert the vast 
range of API documentation out there into LC-specific forms to use them?

I'd be done with going back and forth between LC and Postman if I could 
make a Postman-like tool right in LC.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

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