Question re download timeout setting

prothero at prothero at
Fri Jul 21 20:02:24 EDT 2023

Sorry for the trivial question, but..
I have an app on my iphone that I am updating from a several years old app the previously worked on an older version of livecode. It needs to access a mysql database on the internet. It works fine when there is internet service. 

I test access by downloading a file with a simple text code. If there code is returned in the message, I continue accessing the database. However, when there is no internet, the "put URL” command seems to hang forever. I’ve looked for a way to set the timeout for an internet command, but…. can’t,.

Could you direct me to a simple explanation about how to set a reasonable internet not connected message?

put "https://"&theURL&"/test.html" into theURL

put URL theURL into tOutput    —if the request times out, the output is not received.

if tOutput contains "AB7699HEYIMHERE” then   —code received, internet access is successful

return true


return false

end if

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