Android and USB footswitch

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Hi all,

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> Hi all,
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>> ...
>>> We really need LC to give us access to the public documents folder.
>> The "Downloads" or "Documents" folder would be a good start, otherwise we cannot create apps
>> where the user needs to add more files.
> FYI: there is a feature request for this, please add a comment if you like to have this in the next version:
> <>
> I see that other apps offer something like this, so it IS in fact possible somehow... 8-)

someone from a german bass player forum sent me an screenshot of the app "MobileSheets":

This appears after clicking the PLUS sign (or "Import" button?) in that app, which looks like a "regular" "Open..." dialog:

So I dare to naively ask: Why can't LC offer something like this? 8-)



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