Workaround for regular Crash setting (audio) file of player?

David Bovill david.bovill at
Sat Jul 15 09:07:13 EDT 2023

I'm working a lot with media again - and the last two days I get a crash
every 15 minutes when I set the filename of a player to various mp4 audio
tracks. I'd love a workaround as its slowing things up quite a bit.

I've seen this behavior quite a bit over the years with media and the
player. it happens erratically - so works well then after 5 or 6
successful attempts setting the audio file in the script crashes livecode.



   *set* the filename of me to audioFile -- the offending line


   audiioFile is one of several different m4a files (created using

   The filename is a long path

   No pattern regarding a particular audio file, or sequence I can detect

If anyone has a thought of a way to set an audio file that will work
without crashing... much appreciated.

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