Check connection and timeout

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I use this function to return an array of the timeouts.

function EIStsNetGetTimeouts
   local tTimeouts, tTsNetTimeoutArray
   put tsNetGetTimeouts() into tTimeouts
   put item 1 of tTimeouts into tTsNetTimeoutArray["DnsCacheTimeout"]
   put item 2 of tTimeouts into tTsNetTimeoutArray["RequestTimeoutMS"]
   put item 3 of tTimeouts into tTsNetTimeoutArray["ConnectTimeoutMS"]
   put item 4 of tTimeouts into tTsNetTimeoutArray["AcceptTimeoutMS"]
   put item 5 of tTimeouts into tTsNetTimeoutArray["LowSpeedTime"]
   put item 6 of tTimeouts into tTsNetTimeoutArray["LowSpeedLimit"]
   return tTsNetTimeoutArray
end EIStsNetGetTimeouts

Ralph DiMola
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Thanks Ralph, very handy, but is there a way to get the timeout to see if
the command to set the timeout worked? I change networks frequently, and if
I do not disconnect and reconnect to my SQL database, I run the risk of
using a stale connection, and then I face the dreaded 60 second stall before
I can proceed.

Bob S

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It was mine...

function GetNetworkType
  local tLibUrlDriver
     put the behavior of stack"revLibUrl" into tLibUrlDriver
  end try
  if tLibUrlDriver is empty then
     return "libURL"
     return "tsNet"
  end if
end GetNetworkType

Ralph DiMola
IT Director
Evergreen Information Services
rdimola at<mailto:rdimola at>

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