Training the AI to write better LiveCode

Franz Nahrada f.nahrada at
Mon Jan 23 17:25:07 EST 2023

Kevin Miller schrieb am Montag, 23. Jänner 2023 um 22:56 :

> I don't think we need to worry (too much!) about the exit of scripting
>languages. It's a useful medium for a human to understand and edit in
>until such time as we are truly defunct. If and when that happens I doubt
>there will be any sort of jobs in any industry.

I am not very active with my Indy license and also with this mailing list,
but I follow this particular  debate closely and In have to say it really
raised my enthusiasm to start scripting again.
Actually it was a brilliant idea to kick this theme off and let it develop
so creatively. Thanks Kevin and Heather !
It seems like a natural match to me (the scripter and AI) that will
reverse the digital illiteracy of so many - who think they are digitally
literate because they can use prefab apps.
But we need to start building our own worlds again.

Franz Nahrada
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