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Fri Jan 20 14:09:08 EST 2023

I was going to suggest polyGrid. I used it when it was still in development 
to solve the text overrun problem. It works like the datagrid, only loading 
the visible text in batches as you scroll and performs very well.

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On January 20, 2023 9:25:23 AM David Epstein via use-livecode 
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> My testing attempts, like Bernd’s, show that the important “limits” are not 
> just what LC can display in a field but what it can display without making 
> things too slow.  I am also wondering if the new polyGrid has different 
> characteristics, either its absolute limits or its performance when heavily 
> populated.
> Richard Gaskin asks “Why?”
> I have developed a set of routines to analyze tabular data.  For KB or 
> MB-sized files, it is convenient to display them in a field.  It would be 
> simplest if I could also load GB-sized files and use my routines unchanged, 
> but I accept that this is impractical.  But in order to design workarounds 
> I’d like to get as much clarity as possible on what limits I am working around.
> David Epstein
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