Maximum field size

David Epstein dfe4 at
Fri Jan 20 10:23:12 EST 2023

My testing attempts, like Bernd’s, show that the important “limits” are not just what LC can display in a field but what it can display without making things too slow.  I am also wondering if the new polyGrid has different characteristics, either its absolute limits or its performance when heavily populated.

Richard Gaskin asks “Why?”

I have developed a set of routines to analyze tabular data.  For KB or MB-sized files, it is convenient to display them in a field.  It would be simplest if I could also load GB-sized files and use my routines unchanged, but I accept that this is impractical.  But in order to design workarounds I’d like to get as much clarity as possible on what limits I am working around.

David Epstein

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