Maximum field size

Niggemann, Bernd Bernd.Niggemann at
Thu Jan 19 16:16:39 EST 2023

I tried to put text into a field on an arm MacBook Pro 32 GB memory, LC 9.6.9 rc2 running natively. I realise that this is 64 bit.

I took a couple of lines of Lorem Ipsum and put it into a field. Then I put the formattedText of that field into the field to force lineFeeds at every visible line. 35 lines overall.

I then put that text a million times into a variable.
That variable was put into a field that was a little wider than the originating field to avoid line wrapping in the target field and also set the dontWrap of the target field to true.

The result:

35.000.000 Lines in the field bytes, roughly 1.1 GigaBytes in the field
525.000.000 Pixel line 1 to -1 formattedHeight
160 seconds to fill field
App Memory Size went up to 17 GB, went down to 480 Mb after clearing the field.

The field could be scrolled although with a lot of Pizza spinning. After some fiddling with scrolling down to the end I was able to insert a return after the last line. (a bit of pizza)
Blinking cursor in field very slow.
LC slowed down but responded reasonably once the focus was away from the long field.

LC did not crash but did not really like that much text in a field. 

Kind regards

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