Maximum field size

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Jan 19 15:16:29 EST 2023

All the responses about crashing - because lines are too long (exceeding 
65K chars or 32K x in line length) or there are too many lines (and so 
32,767px of scrollable height is not enough) - strongly indicated that 
an overhaul of the standard field object is needed in LC 10, or, more 
likely, in LC11.

No matter what a developer or user tries to do with a field, it should 
not crash.

When you put your application in customer hands, you have no idea what 
they may do. Our application lets researchers open and analyze text 
documents. In the context of that analysis, documents more than a few 
hundred pages long seemed unlikely to be something that would ever 
occur. And even then, those seemed rare. Then a customer contacted us 
working on a document that was 1000s - nearly 10,000 pages in length! It 
didn't make sense to me, but it dd to them. Now I dread the day when 
someone tries a document that is hundreds of thousands of pages (or many 
10s of thousands or some kind of data set that is an equivalent) and our 
app crashed because field limits where exceeded. No error code we can 
trap for, just boom and done.

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