Oddities with iOS IAP

Dan Friedman dan at clearvisiontech.com
Mon Aug 14 01:34:04 EDT 2023

I am getting some inconsistent results with in in app purchases from the iOS App Store.   In the TestFlight dev environment, the purchase “seems” to be complete…  I get all the normal iOS prompts to purchase the product, enter the password, etc.  I even get the “You’re All Set.  Your purchase was successful.” message.  But, most of the time the purcahseStateUpdate message is never received.  (Yes!  I am calling mobileStoreEnablePurchaseUpdates before anything else).

Also, after calling mobileStoreMakePurchase, there is quite a pause before you get the “confirm purchase” dialog… I mean like 7 to 10 seconds.  And, after you make the purchase (and you hear the ‘ding’), there is another 4-5 second pause before the “Your purchase was successful” message.   Is that normal?

Any thoughts, insights or advise?   Maybe this is a TestFlight dev environment thing?

FWIW, I have no issues on Android.  Google Play store is working as expected – every time.


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