LC 9.6.9 App uses too much memory!

harrison at harrison at
Sun Aug 13 09:29:46 EDT 2023

Hi LiveCoders,

I just got a warning from the OS that I was out of application memory. Livecode was using over 90 GB of memory!

The stack runs fine under LC 9.6.8 without any issues whatsoever, but as soon as I open it with LC 9.6.9 the problem reappears.
(I have to use force quit to shut down LC 9.6.9 when this happens.)

I’m running Mac OS Ventura on an M1 processor that has 16 GB of Memory.

Clearly this is a bug in LC 9.6.9, but I don’t know what is causing the problem.
I noticed that others in the past have run into a similar problem.  Was this
ever reported as a bug?

Do you have any ideas or suggestions?



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