Android black screen again...

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Fri Aug 11 16:30:55 EDT 2023

On 8/11/23 3:12 AM, Klaus major-k via use-livecode wrote:
> The problem is that this is not reproducable, it happens out of a sudden if it happens.
> Even the hardware BACKKEY does not work in that situation, only the HOMEKEY so I can
> at least quit the app.

That's called an ANR ("Application Not Responding"). Something in the app is causing a hang. If 
you wait long enough, Android should put up a dialog asking if you want to wait or close the 
app. If you choose to wait, sometimes it comes back. However, the wait can be 10-20 seconds or 
more so people often just quit before the dialog appears.

The problem here is figuring out what causes it. Is it always the same PDF file? Or maybe it 
happens after opening a certain number of files, or the length of a file, or the cumulative 
length of several files, or...? If it isn't reproducible, it's very difficult to find the cause.

If it happens to you at home some day, see if waiting 15 seconds or more puts up that dialog. 
That would confirm it's an ANR.

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