Android black screen again...

Klaus major-k klaus at
Thu Aug 10 06:01:41 EDT 2023

Hi friends,

maybe you remember my problem, that my app
turns into a black screen occacionally.

This has happened again about four or five times since 
I reported it here.

This never happens at home, only when I am at a band 
rehearsal, but never at a gig (fingers crossed).

Restarting the dveice definitively cures this, thank you Panos,
but sometimes, especially at a gig, I do not have the time to 
do so. :-/

So any further hints highly appreciated!

macOS 12.6.8, LC 9.6.9, android 5.1 on a SAMSUNG TAB A tablet.
I'm mainly using the PDF widget if that matters...


Klaus Major
klaus at

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