Consumable In App Purchases on Android

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Hello Dan,

I think Google no longer differentiates between consumables and
non-consumables when setting up the in-app product - they are both marked
as "In-App Products”. However, in LiveCode, you have to call
mobileStoreConsumePurchase pProductID to be able to buy the product again -
otherwise you get a "alreadyEntitled" status.

If you do this, and still get "alreadyEntitled", then you have to ensure
that the pProductID param passed to mobileStoreConsumePurchase indeed
matches exactly the product id of the product you set up in the google dev

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

On Tue, 8 Aug 2023 at 01:57, Dan Friedman via use-livecode <
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> Does anyone have any experience with consumable in-app purchases on
> Android?   I can’t seem to figure out how to (1) create a consumable
> product, and (2) how to consume it.   mobileStoreConsumePurchase pProductID
> doesn’t seem to function right… I get back a result that is “true”, but
> attempting to purchase the same product, returns “alreadyEntitled”.
> The “How do I implement in-app purchases in LiveCode - Google Play Store?”
> lesson says:  click "In-App Products” and click “Add new product”.  From
> there, follow the instructions to create the type of in-app purchase you
> wish to use.
> In Google Play Console > Monitize > In-App Products > Create Product,
> there isn’t a place to select the type of in-app purchase.
> Any insight or instructions you may have would be greatly appreciated!!
> -Dan
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