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Mon Sep 19 12:05:43 EDT 2022

Hi Graham. I was just looking at this myself. I think the best way to work with calendars is to send an email with an iCalendar file (.ics). I will send you a zip file of an example with attachment to your personal email. It's pretty straight forward, but the file attachment is base 64 encoded binary so be aware of that. .ics files are simply specially formatted text files. Most email clients when they detect an ics file with an invite embedded will give you an accept/decline option.

That being said, I know that MacOS calendar app is Applescript enabled, and if you open an ics file in windows with the command prompt, it will launch the default calendar app and add the event to the default calendar.

Here is a link for the RFC 5545 spec, but I warn you it is a lot, and you really don't need to know all of it. The example I send you will teach you more than anything else:

Bob S

On Sep 19, 2022, at 08:43 , Graham Samuel via use-livecode <use-livecode at<mailto:use-livecode at>> wrote:

Folks, I have not been following this list with great attention for the last few months, nor doing active LC development, so I’ve missed a lot, but now I have been asked to look into the possibility of an app that reads and writes to standard calendars, particularly the kind used by Apple. I believe their apps for Mac and iOS use some kind of open standard, and if so there must be a useable API.

To save me lots of research, can I ask if anyone has worked with calendars like these, and if so, can they point me to an easy way to get LC to talk to them.


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