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Fri Sep 2 11:09:44 EDT 2022

For what it's worth, ever since my Master's thesis with LiveCode/RunRev, I
have always set up buttons with fonts the way I want them on whatever
platform, imported snapshots of those buttons, and used those images as

No stress, No mess!

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> I read a blog some years back why it is so difficult to get nything on
> Windows to look like it does on the Mac. It is true that Windows renders
> fonts differently that Mac, so "exactly the same" remains the realm of the
> imagined. But you can get close. My big issue was that using Arial, labels
> that were right aligned and auto fitted on the Mac would overflow the left
> f the label on Windows.
> Now I am using Aclonica for form headers, Acme for labels and Actor for
> fields, buttons and grids. (Didn't have to look far did I?) I'm pretty
> happy now with the rendering of each on both platforms.
> Bob S
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> wrote:
> Standardising fonts, so that one would no longer have to check that every
> label and field carefully crafted on the Mac to fit text precisely would
> not have missing pixels or whole words wrapped out of sight on Windows
> because of different font metrics, sounds like a great idea. But the
> reality of the way systems render fonts seems to complicate things:
> I set up a test standalone with the Google fonts NotoSans-regular.ttf and
> NotoSerif-regular.ttf installed. A label and and single line text field
> were set up to be exactly the right size to fit some text using Arial font
> on a Mac (Monterey). Then the labels and field were set to use NotoSans or
> NotoSerif fonts.
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