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Sean Cole sean at
Thu Sep 1 14:25:50 EDT 2022

I managed to get the stack and all substacks to export finally. There was
an issue with an old extension library two of the stacks use (Chart Maker)
so just removed the stacks for now and all ported properly.

Now, it occurs to me that this is all well and good, but there is a lack of
instruction on how to make use of it now. How do you link it to something
like GitHub or some other external or local server? How do we collaborate
with other users? How will they know which scripts are which when they only
see a folder full or GUIDs?

I 'think' these are valid questions. Or maybe I'm just stupid or missed
something somewhere.

By the way, here is an update to the plugin code:
global gLastObject

on savingProperties pLongId, @pProperteis
   // I'm loving all the typos like pProperteis - Really rushed out the
   put "saving properties of" && pLongId into gLastObject
   put gLastObject
   wait 0.001 millisec with messages
end savingProperties

on savingScript pLongId, @pScript
   put "saving script of" && pLongId into gLastObject
   put gLastObject
   wait 0.001 millisec with messages
end savingScript


On Thu, 1 Sept 2022 at 05:08, Sean Cole <sean at> wrote:

> Yeah, I could really do with it giving me some feedback as to where this
> object is. Actually, I could...
> ... I just wrote a plugin for it. Use scCreatePlugin "","" (scCreatePlugin
> on its own doesn't work from the message box like the dictionary suggests).
> Then in the script I used
> global gLastObject
> on savingProperties pLongId, @pProperteis
>    --> your code
>    put "saving properties of" && pLongId into gLastObject
>    put word -2 to -1 of gLastObject
>    wait 0.01 millisec with messages
> end savingProperties
> ----
> Once I ran this it displayed which substack it was working on in the
> message box and once it had failed the global showed me the last parameter
> it had successfully accessed. Cool. But I still can't work out which
> parameter of either that object (a standard text field) or the next (a
> group with no behaviours or anything out of the ordinary as far as I can
> tell). I'll come back to it tomorrow. It's silly o'clock now.
> Sean
> On Wed, 31 Aug 2022 at 17:13, Mark Wieder via use-livecode <
> use-livecode at> wrote:
>> On 8/31/22 03:00, Sean Cole via use-livecode wrote:
>> > LC Team: :-) It would be REALLY handy if proper errors were thrown when
>> one
>> > occurs that can help us easily understand what the issues are. Also, if
>> > prior to release documentation were gone through to make sure they are
>> > legible. And if plugins released actually work as described. :-)
>> Actually, it's even worse.
>> The result is empty if no error occurred and "* successful" if it
>> worked. To me that seems backwards.
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