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J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Tue Nov 22 19:40:28 EST 2022

On 11/22/22 3:08 PM, Geoff Canyon via use-livecode wrote:
> A random thought: if you converted to script-only stack behaviors first,
> then you would have a bunch of text files you can use whatever tool you
> like on.

This project is a huge HC world. There are a lot of stacks, hundreds of cards, and probably 
thousands of controls. It's written the old HC way, so behaviors probably wouldn't help; almost 
every control is independent and performs a different action. I've already converted the few 
common actions to a backscript, but there's nothing much to hang a behavior on.

> Navigator has support for test-based filtering of controls, and can
> copy/paste scripts, but it doesn't support copying/pasting to more than one
> control at a time. That would be an interesting problem to solve. What's
> your time frame?

Indeterminate, but not infinite. ;) I won't need to copy scripts though, every one of them is 
different. It's truly old-style HC. In fact, I'm still running with HCAddressing set to true, 
which breaks the property inspector a lot. My next task is to get rid of that.

> My first thought is to export all scripts to a single file, with customized
> headers for each object (maybe with a user-definable format). Then look for
> that same format when pasting, to restore/update the scripts. Does that
> make sense? Or would it be better to have an export function to create
> individual files, one ofr each control, with the script in the file? That's
> probably more robust, but not everyone knows how to make bulk changes to a
> bunch of text files.

Either way would probably work for most things, though if you exported all the controls in this 
project to a single file, you'd have a 20 MB novel. TBH, I already have a handler somewhere 
that writes out all scripts in a stack with headers; an old HC friend wrote it 30 years ago and 
it still works. Maybe I can dig that up.

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