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harrison at all-auctions.com harrison at all-auctions.com
Tue Nov 15 12:12:13 EST 2022

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the information, but what I really want is a LiveCode solution
that doesn’t depend on third parties.

I have the database. I was asking if other people here
had come up with a fast LiveCode solution.

If all else fails, I will look into one of the third party suggestions,
but third parties can change their code or suddenly disappear
off of the internet.  I don’t want my website breaking all the time
due to such dependencies.

Thanks again,


> On Nov 14, 2022, at 11:22 PM, Martin Koob <mkoob at rogers.com> wrote:
> You can use a website with a api that you send a HTTP request with an IP address parameter to and which returns the country info.
> Here is an example I found of one site.
> https://ipapi.co/api/#introduction <https://ipapi.co/api/#introduction>
> HTTP Request
> GET https://ipapi.co/{ip}/{format}/
> URL Parameters
> Parameter	Description
> ip			An IP address for which you want to retrieve the location
> format		Data format of response, possible values are json, jsonp, xml, csv, yaml
> E.g.
> 	https://ipapi.co/
> It is free for up to 30K requests per month,  after that there is a fee.
> https://ipapi.co/#pricing <https://ipapi.co/#pricing>
> Martin Koob

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