Is it a bug?

Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Mon May 23 17:03:08 EDT 2022

I also expect nothing is done if I click on anything and move the mouse
outside the active window THEN release(unless a drag and drop is involved).
I use this all this time with the classic "S*&# I didn't mean to click on
that". If move out of the window before releasing nothing happens. This
behavior applies to all apps I have used including the LC IDE. I see this
behavior both Windows and Mac. What are they doing in the LC IDE to create
the expected behavior?

Ralph DiMola
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I found one thing I think is a bug, and I'd like to report it, but I want to
see if anyone else thinks this may be the expected behavior: 

It seems to me that when clicking and holding the mouse button down on an
pulldown menu, then releasing outside that menu so that no menu item is
actually selected, the parameter passed to menuPick ought to be empty, if
menuPick even should get sent in the first place. What it actually does is
it passes the first menu item, even though that item was not specifically

If you click AND release while still IN the pulldown menu so that the menu
remains expanded, THEN click off the menu, MenuPick never even gets sent to
the pulldown menu, which is what one would expect. 

This is on MacOS 10.15.7 Catalina running 9.6.7 Pro. 

What say you? 

Bob S

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