Decrypting (and encrypting) Large files

Phil Davis phil at
Mon May 16 14:37:32 EDT 2022

On 5/10/22 12:35 PM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
> Mark Clark wrote:
> > Wondering if anyone has used LiveCode for encrypting-decrypting large
> > files?
> ...
> > I’m thinking about using LC for decrypting zip compressed log files
> > that can be multiple gigabytes in size. I’d like to use just LC vs.
> > resorting to shell if possible.
> What is behind the preference to roll your own rather than call 
> existing purpose-built command-line tools from LC with shell()?

I like this option. You could use shell("openssl <parameters>") to 
encrypt any size file. Also it may be possible to run 'openssl' as a 
process, by which (I believe) you could make it non blocking, running in 
the background. (I haven't tried opening 'openssl' as a process, just 
speculating here.)

Phil Davis

> Your chunking described in your latest post seems the way to go, AFAIK 
> pretty much how other tools would handle it.
> Another option:  if you're in an environment where even log files 
> require strong encryption, could you pipe log data to a separate 
> secured log server instead?

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