Audio Control on Mobile?

Dan Friedman dan at
Sun May 15 13:14:06 EDT 2022


Thank you for the info.  I know of the mobileSound items... but, it doesn't have all the commands we need.  For example, there is no method to start (or change) the sounds play position, or poll the sound for the current position.

My client wants to make a music playing app.  Need to replicate a music player... so, we need to keep our [custom] transport in sync with the sound.  Stop, Start, Pause, Scrub, update current time and time remaining, etc.  EASY on desktop, can't seem to do this on mobile with LiveCode.


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    Hi Dan,

    Check out mobilePlaySoundOnChannel in the dictionary and the related commands linked to it.

    Don't think there's a player command for mobile, though I may have missed it...!




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    > Hello!   On desktop, there is the player object which is great!   However, it doesn't work on Mobile.  Is there a way to deal with an audio file on mobile (Android and iOS)?   Here's what I need to do:
    > - Load an audio file from a server
    > - Play the file
    > - Pause file
    > - Set the cursor (where to play from or jump to)
    > - Know when the end of file is reached
    > - length of audio file
    > - current play position
    > - file state (isPlaying or isPaused)
    > Thank you in advance!
    > -Dan

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