Re Pulldownmenu button bug on Windows

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu May 12 14:39:16 EDT 2022

Klaus wrote:

 > Am 11.05.2022 um 20:27 schrieb Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> ... make sure the buttons you're using in the menu stack have
 >> their autoArm set to true, ...
 > Hint:
 > that property "autoarm" did not make it into the inspector somehow,
 > so you need to do this by script!

It's far from the only one.  LC objects have a LARGE number of 
properties we can work with. The Inspector shows only a subset of the 
most commonly-used ones.

Inspectors are great for consumer tools, but dev tools tend to provide 
Property Sheets so they can expose a much larger range of properties 
developers will want to work with.

LC attempts to straddle the space between consumer tool and dev tool, in 
both marketing and IDE design, and it sometimes leads to things one camp 
or the other may find confusing.

I threw together a quick Property Sheet a while back:

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