Re Pulldownmenu button bug on Windows

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed May 11 14:27:33 EDT 2022

Neville Smythe wrote:
 > Thanks again Richard
 > In my case I don’t actually need a workaround. Once I had corrected
 > my own error, the only effect of the inconsistent event order is that
 > on Windows and Linux the colour coding of the selection turns off a
 > fraction of a second earlier than on a Mac. I am not so obsessive as
 > to need to fix that.

Glad you have a solution.

Hopefully the demo I posted will be of use to others. Using stacks as 
menus are a poor substitute for text menus when all you need is text, 
but a wide range of graphical pickers can be made which can be very 
attractive and super-simple to make:

Set the menuName property of a menu button to the short name of the 
stack you want to use as a menu, make sure the buttons you're using in 
the menu stack have their autoArm set to true, and all the normal menu 
behaviors you'd expect just work.

Imagine icons used to represent a set of templates, or sample report 
output, or graphical effects, or anything else that lends itself well to 
a graphical picker menu.

I just updated the example stack this morning to include a simple 
graphical picker so folks could get a clearer idea of how it can be very 

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