I can't find a reason to keep business subscription!

doc hawk dochawk at gmail.com
Wed May 11 12:06:51 EDT 2022

I  have a perpetual indy license, and a $299/year business license, which renews on Thursday.

I only picked it up during a promotion because it seemed like a good deal, and I might want it in the future.

To date, the only thing I’ve ever tried to do with it is the PDFs that got added a couple of years ago, which were a complete failure (it renders at screen resolution when printing/outputting a new pdf!).

The project I got them for will never see release; I missed the window a few years ago and the field is now crowded.

That, and I have no interest in pouring the energy into starting a new business instead of retiring . . .

Anyway, it’s still hard to cut the cord . . .

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