Re Pulldownmenu button bug on Windows

Neville Smythe neville.smythe at
Tue May 10 20:14:33 EDT 2022

Thanks again Richard

In my case I don’t actually need a workaround. Once I had corrected my own error, the only effect of the inconsistent event order is that on Windows and Linux the colour coding of the selection turns off a fraction of a second earlier than on a Mac. I am not so obsessive as to need to fix that.

Nevertheless it is conceivable, if unlikely, that someone might want to do something more significant in the mouseLeave handler, so I continue to call the inconsistency a bug. The fact that the combobox menu button behaves in the same way on all 3 platforms does seem to indicate that the inconsistency could be resolved (in favour of the Windows event order). 

But I am also not so obsessive as to expect the LC team to do a major architectural reset to address the issue. I have added a note to my bug submission suggesting a small note in the documentation for the 3 anomalous buttons noting how they behave slightly differently on a Mac, thus turning a hidden bug into a documented feature.


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